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The Herschel key project to study the warm and dense interstellar medium

Observations using the HIFI and PACS instruments aboard the Herschel satellite provide a unique way to study the chemical inventory and the energy balance in dense interstellar clouds heated by shocks and UV radiation.

Here, you find a detailed description of the project including scientific and technical aspects.

Scientific summary
An explanation of the scientific questions we want to answer in the key project.
A list of all co-investigators that you may want to contact in case of questions.
Photon-dominated regions (PDRs), i.e. dense clouds heated by UV radiation, provide one focus of the key project.
Shock regions
Supernova-shocks, dynamically heating the interstellar medium, provide the second focus of the key project.
Using Herschel/HIFI
Only the new technical capabilities offered by the Herschel Space Observatory allow to answer our questions.
Observing strategy
A sophisticated observational setup is essential to get the required data in the available observing time.
Observational setup
The detailed list of lines and objects to be observed.
First results
Presentations and data made public to the community
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